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Ntando Duma Sings Her Man’s Praises

Ntando Duma Sings Her Man’s Praises. Everyone dreams to be in love with a great person. For Ntando Duma though, it’s not a dream, but the reality she is living.

The talented actress, media personality and musician has found the man of her dreams. Although she has managed to keep him private, she can’t hide away the fact that she is in love. Ntando constantly shares posts about how her man drives her crazy, and her glow shows that all is well in the love department.

She just concurred with what Bontle Modiselle said when she was a guest on Podcast and Chill with MacG, when it comes to relationships. Bontle stated that of all the more than 10 years she has been with Priddy Ugly, they have never fought or engaged in an ugly argument. It has always been a smooth ride for the power couple.

Although some find this too good to be true, Ntando agrees it happens. She stated that she is in the most peaceful relationship, with a partner who is all about communicating in a civil manner. Her man talks to her with respect, kindness lobe and grace, and she also does the same to him.

“This is real. Understanding that fights don’t always have to be defined by violence or aggression is important. I’m literally in the most peaceful relationship with a partner that communicates everything with so much respect, kindness, love and grace and vice versa. It’s a blessing. So grateful,” Ntando said.

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