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Sho Madjozi to Drop Her Own Hairline

Sho Madjozi to Drop Her Own Hairline. She has been trending on social media for sometime now. This comes after Sho Madjozi introduced her new cool hairstyle, sparkle braids a day ago.

The BET award winning rapper and author is also popular for always rocking stunning colorful braids, beaded braids and retro-inspired looks. It doesn’t matter the occasion Sho Madjozi, always keeps her hair vibey and interesting. Kids always go crazy with her braids, and recreate them, mostly during the festive season. There is even a hairstyle named after her, which shows just the kind of influence she has.

Sho Madjozi showed off her latest hairstyle on Wednesday, making the internet go all crazy. The trendsetter is spotting some sparkle braids which glow in the dark. They look so cool, and our younger generation is going to have fun with them.

Many people in the comment section felt that she is wasting a great business opportunity. Since Sho Madjozi seems like a pioneer in the colorful tribal braids, they feel she should seize the opportunity to drop her own braid hairline.

Well, well, well, they spoke too soon. It looks like Sho Madjozi has been cooking. She was a guest this morning on Anele & the Cub Radio show on 947. The trendsetter spoke about her Sparkle Braids and where people can get them. The sparkly hair is inspired by the main character in her new book.

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