SA Hip Hop Mag Annouces #AKAFridays: Celebrating AKA’s Timeless Legacy Every Week

In the ever-evolving realm of South African hip hop, few figures have left as indelible a mark as AKA. A pioneer, trendsetter, and lyrical maestro, AKA’s impact on the African hip hop landscape is immeasurable. Though he may no longer be with us, his legacy lives on in the hearts of fans and the artists he inspired. In a bid to honor the late rapper’s contributions, SA Hip Hop Mag has launched a groundbreaking campaign called #AKAFridays, a movement set to celebrate AKA‘s life, influence, and music every Friday on social media.


AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, changed the game and elevated South African hip hop to international heights. His untimely passing on February 10, 2023, just before the release of his highly successful album, Mass Country, left a void in the industry and in the hearts of his countless fans. Recognizing the need to immortalize his impact, SA Hip Hop Mag took the initiative to launch #AKAFridays, a campaign that transcends mourning and instead focuses on celebrating AKA’s life, artistry, and influence.

SA Hip Hop Mag announced the campaign through a heartfelt message: “From tomorrow, we are going to celebrate AKA’s legacy every Friday with a dedicated AKA feature with the hashtag #AKAFridays. Let’s post ourselves vibing to his music, favorite AKA lyrics, AKA memories, anything AKA with this hashtag #AKAFridays every Friday on whatever socials you use – SA Hip Hop Mag ‼️📣📢 #AKAFridays #AKA #RIPAKA.”

The call to action invites fans, friends, and fellow artists to join in this weekly celebration of AKA’s life. Whether it’s sharing personal anecdotes, posting snippets of AKA’s iconic performances, or simply expressing admiration for his lyrical prowess, #AKAFridays aims to create a communal space where AKA’s influence can be celebrated, remembered, and cherished.

Why #AKAFridays Matters

AKA wasn’t just a rapper; he was a cultural force. His impact stretched far beyond the confines of the music industry, influencing fashion, lifestyle, and the very fabric of South African popular culture. #AKAFridays provides a platform for fans to come together, share their AKA experiences, and pay homage to an artist who not only defined a genre but also inspired a generation.

The Legacy Lives On

AKA’s legacy is not confined to the past; it lives on in the beats, rhymes, and memories he left behind. #AKAFridays is more than a social media campaign; it’s a movement that seeks to keep the spirit of AKA alive, allowing fans to relive the moments that made him an icon. Each Friday, social media platforms will become a canvas for expressions of love, gratitude, and celebration of AKA’s enduring legacy.

#AKAFridays is not a mourning ritual; it’s a celebration of a life well-lived and a career that continues to resonate. SA Hip Hop Mag’s initiative is a testament to the enduring power of AKA’s influence. As fans unite every Friday to share their favorite AKA moments, lyrics, and experiences, #AKAFridays becomes a beacon of remembrance, ensuring that AKA’s legacy remains eternally vibrant in the hearts and minds of those he touched. In the realm of South African hip hop, AKA may be gone, but through #AKAFridays, his spirit lives on, one celebration at a time.

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