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Sorisha Naidoo Sings Her Daughter’s Praises As She Turns 13

Sorisha Naidoo Sings Her Daughter’s Praises As She Turns 13. One thing about Sorisha Naidoo, she is big on family. Most of her social media posts are all about doing this life thing with her husband and two kids.

Today, her one and only daughter Kalina has officially become a teenager. The festivities took place at the luxurious Radisson Blu Hotel, located in Durban, Umhlanga. Miss Party looked drop-dead gorgeous in a short black number by THE XVIII VICTORIAN. Kalina’s family complimented her dress code, with white outfits.

The decor courtesy of Party Princess and Candy Pop Hire, was out of this world. Kalina’s folks even hired Arcade Games from The Jukebox Company, for their daughter and guests to have massive fun. Chef Vivalynn Millingham’s mouthwatering food, had everyone asking for seconds.

In her birthday shout out to Kalina, Shorisha express all the joy that her daughter has brought to her life. She also highlighted her talents which includes sports and great academics. Sorisha also expressed the love she has for Kalina, who at times is her stronghold.

Happiest of birthdays to our Kalina, thank you for showing me you can have it all. You work hard and you play hard, your drive to be the best always amazes me. From academics to drama, to sport, to your amazing friend circle, your dad and I are so very proud of you. Thank you for choosing me as your mum and thank you for adding value to this family. I love you and can’t believe it’s been 13 years already. When you were born I was going through the most and I got all my strength just by being with you. You have strong Shiva and Mother vibes and I love that about you. It is such an honor to be your mum❤️❤️,” Shorisa said.

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