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8 Interesting Facts About Sizokthola’s Xolani Khumalo

8 Interesting Facts About Sizokthola’s Xolani Khumalo. He is currently the man of the moment when it comes to local TV Shows. Every Sunday Xolani Khumalo and his crew tackle the drug problem that we have in the country, by exposing dealers.

Because of the nature of his job, nothing much is known about Xolani’s personal life. Nonetheless, there is still plenty you can know about the man, including the following facts about him.

1. Xolani Khumalo is the front-man and presenter of one of Moja LOVE’s newest crime-busting reality show, Sizok’thola, which airs on the channel every Sunday.

2. Apparently, the idea of Sizok’thola, was sparked during the July 2021 riots, when Khumalo and a group of his friends had to protect their community in Tembisa.

3. On the show, Khumalo and his team take matters into their own hands by cracking down on crime and drugs dealers. After identifying the perpetrators, they hand them over to the police.

4. Sizok’thola hard stance on drugs and crime has been endorsed by Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi, who also recently launched his own anti-drug campaign against nyaope.

5. Not only that, a lot of viewers are impressed with Khumalo and his teams over the work that they do. Every time the show drops and episode, they receive their flowers.

6. What the Sizok’thola team is doing is impressive, but dangerous also. The show has certainly ruffled some feathers and Khumalo has reportedly received death threats, apparently from drug dealers.

7. Despite the threats Khumalo as well as Moja LOVE, are not intimidated. They have vowed to keep the show running regardless.

8. Contrary to what many may think Khumalo, is not a police officer in real life. He simply has a passion for justice which he executes alongside local law enforcement.

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