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The Bala Family Reality Show Off to A Great Start

The Bala Family Reality Show Off to A Great Start. There is nothing as getting a good review from our premier. The Bala Family reality show premiered on Thursday and everyone can’t stop talking about the drama that went down.

When it was announced that the Bala family was getting a reality show, many were not sold to the idea, as the bunch looks like drama free people, with just ordinary lives. When people think of this family, what comes to their mind is music, church, family gatherings, children and just the basic family stuff. But, hey, what do you know, still waters run deep.

The season premiere of the Bala family came with the content everyone signed up for. There is sibling rivalry, sister-in-law vibes, children not warming up to the step father and so much more. Just on the first episode, one couple pick that big sis, Pink has no filter, she just drops bombs. One of the things she complained about was her brother Loyiso and his wife not visiting enough. She also added that they see their children, and the progress the make only on Instagram.

As for mummy, she is happy with her new man, Baba Jafta, despite her children not being amused. Well, this could be because their step dad, was a close friend to their late father back in the day. What a mess! There also seem to be a bit of bad blood between eldest brother Zwai, and the youngest Phelo. The two are forever throwing jabs at each other, and there might be some hectic content coming from this sibling rivalry.

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