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“I Said Yes,” Zahara Is Officially Off the Market

“I Said Yes,” Zahara Is Officially Off the Market. For so many women, one has to kiss a few frogs before meeting their knights in shining amour. Zahara is one of those women, as she had to be in a couple of relationships, before meeting her Mr Right.

The multi-award winning singer and songwriter has been dating Mpho Xaba for about six months, and now she is a whole fiance. Her partner took her by surprised when he popped out a customized engagement ring with family and friends as witnesses. According to reports, Xaba with the help of Zahara’s assistant Lisa, planned and perfectly the whole thing, without Zahara suspecting a thing.

It takes a lot of effort into organizing such an event, so bravo to the team for pulling it off. Zahara was tricked into attending a staged interview just to get her out of the house. Unknowingly, she went along with the plan, only to return home later to a surprise with all her family and friends in attendance.

In an interview with Zimoja Lezinto, Zahara couldn’t hide her happiness and appreciation over the surprise engagement.

“Lisa told me I needed to hurry home for an emergency. When I arrived in the lounge, I saw these big balloons written ‘Marry me.’ I said yes. I love him. He is supportive, kind, and generous.” Family and friends ululated as he went down on one knee, helping her to put on the ring. “I am so happy. But made I got tricked into a fake interview. But I am happy,” she said.

Zahara has also updated her social media fans and followers about her new relationship status.

“When other men where busy doing load shedding in my life,I found myself a generator,” Zahara said about the love of her life.


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