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Anele Zondo Shows Massive Support to Nadia Nakai Amidst Her Loss

Anele Zondo Shows Massive Support to Nadia Nakai Amidst Her Loss. In this industry, it is not easy to find genuine friends. Friends that will stick with you through thick and thin. Nadia Nakai couldn’t have picked a better industry friend in Anele Zondo.

Otherwise known by their fans as Ney-the-bae, and Bragga, the two are a true definition of sisterhood. They have attended a couple of events together, and have also done music together. Towards the end of 2022, Nadia and Anele teamed up together on a brand new song titled “Thick Slim.” The highly anticipated record single absolutely lived up to its expectations, with fantastic performances by both ladies spitting dope rhymes and creating a crisp song to that got fans vibing.

At the current moment, Nadia is going through the most after losing her partner Kiernan AKA Forbes a week ago. AKA was shot together with his friend Tibz in Durban, outside Wish restaurant on Florida Road. Nadia has finally plucked up the courage to post on social media, a day after AKA’s funeral. The rapper and reality show star revealed how shattered she is over the loss and appreciated the kind of love AKA gave to her.

“My Heart is shattered, this is not what our future was meant to look like. I can’t believe I said my final goodbye to you yesterday.
….You loved me loud and proud, thank you baby,” she wrote.

Being the supportive friend, Anele empathized with Nadia, and assured her that she is in her thoughts.

Nadia ,my heart goes out to you. Everyday I wake up and think about you, your pain and your strength. I pray God gives you love and comfort. I know how much you loved and valued your relationship,” Anele said.

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