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Sho Madjozi Responds to Her Trending ‘Drunk’ Interview with Da LES

Sho Madjozi Responds to Her Trending ‘Drunk’ Interview with Da LES. One thing about podcasters, they get their guests so comfortable that they get oblivious of the cameras. Quite a number of celebrities have publicly said things that they wouldn’t disclose at other platforms like TV, radio and print media.

Sho Madjozi is the latest celebrity to trend after a podcast interview. The multi-award winning rapper and author appeared on Da L.E.S’ YouTube show, Posted With Da L.E.S & Friends, to promote her children’s book Sho Ma and the Stars. The interview took two hours, but what caught the attention of many, was the state in which Madjozi seemed to be in at some point during the interview.

There is this trending clip where Da L.E.S was trying to get Madjozi to focus on the matter at hand, which is promoting her new book. She then started speaking in riddles with slurred speech. making viewers conclude she was intoxicated. At some point Madjozi also seemed to be emotional, just by looking at the nose of the illustration on the cover. She couldn’t help but gush over how cute the nose is.

Instead of trying to defend herself, or play the victim, Madjozi joined in the tweeps who are making fun of the video. She jokingly said should Da Les try to arrange an interview with her over a few drinks, she will definitely decline the offer.

Da Les: let’s have a nice wholesome interview over a few drinks 3 hours later: “please can you look at how cute the nose is.”  lol never again,” Madjozi joked

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