I reviewed The SA Phone Build To Make Sure ‘You Stop At Nothing! ‘

I recently had the opportunity to review the Tecno Spark 8C, a very youthful and vibrant looking phone that came with “Stop At Nothing” boldly written on its back, a message that clearly resonates with SA’s youthful mover and shakers. 

As a Camon 17p  user I won’t lie ,  I had many reservations reviewing this phone as I am using the  most premium Tecno phone in the SA market at the moment. Would it be faster, how will the camera perform ? were some of the many questions I had but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this phone. Everything really works, using the phone for social media and apps didn’t feel like a drag at all credit to the 7 Gig Ram and 90Hz refresh rate.

Whilst storage is usually a concern with most mid range phones , this phone spots 128 Gig storage which allowed me to download all the apps I wanted and accommodate all the pre installed games which I thought would resonate a lot with game lovers.

The camera did a decent job , a 8MP front camera with a flash and a 13 MP AI-Enhanced Dual Camera it takes good quality photos but the one feature I was particularly fascinated by was the google lens integration which allowed me to reverse search images directly from the google image gallery. Content creators will appreciate the ability to watermark images and play around with 10 image filters that will make images pop. 

Incase you wondering how it performed during loadshedding, the phone came with a 5000mAh battery which allowed me to go through the day without feeling the need to charge, a huge relief these days.

Whilst this phone does a good job at being a phone that gets things done, changing phone covers was a mission impossible as many retailers didn’t have the covers readily available for this phone so maybe a local Tecno shop to change LCDs, screen guards and covers would make it even more of a pleasure to work with. 

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