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10 Interesting Facts About The Queen’s Khumbuza Meyiwa (Bhambatha)

10 Interesting Facts About The Queen’s Khumbuza Meyiwa (Bhambatha). He is currently among the most loved faces on TV. This is simply because Khumbuza Meyiwa slays his character as Bhambatha Khoza on The Queen. Learn more about this upcoming star from the facts below.

1. Khumbuza Meyiwa is a South African stage, film and television actor who has also had an impact working behind the scenes.

2. Education wise, he obtained NQL LEVE 4 in Media and television production from VMC Academy. He also studied with UNISA.

3. Although a lot relate to him as an actor, Khumbuza does a lot behind the scenes. One of his jobs is being a cameraman and editor at Shembe UNyazi TV

4. Every professional actor needs to have an agency, and Khumbuza is proud to be signed to Mehlareng Actors & Performers Agency which is based in Johannesburg.

5. A couple of months back Ferguson Films had open auditions, where aspiring actors had to send their short videos through. Khumbuza also applied, and he got the part to play Brutus Khoza’s first born son Bhambatha.

6. Bhambatha is loved by The Queen viewers because he stands his ground and is not involved in the drug business. He is also protective of his mother, and often puts his father in his place.

7. He is definitely going places in the industry. As someone who is passionate with movies, Khumbuza’s management want him to be in a movie one of the good days. They also are looking for opportunities for him in the fashion world since he has the looks.

8. Khumbuza’s long-term dream is to become a director. At the rate he is going, we are confident very soon, he will be living that dream.

9. The multi-talented upcoming star can also play the keyboard. We might probably get music from him, should he want to go further with his skills.

10. Besides being in the entertainment industry, Khumbuza is also a very religious man. He is a staunch member of the Shembe church.

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