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Mohale Claps Back After His Standards Get Challenged Now That he is no Longer With Somizi

Mohale Claps Back After His Standards Get Challenged Now That he is no Longer With Somizi. In most cases, when a person dates or get married to a very rich individual, they are labeled gold diggers. This mostly happen when there is a significant age gap between the two, and the one with no money is drop dead gorgeous.

This has been the kind of challenge Mohale Motaung faced before, during and even after his marriage with Somizi fell apart. The actor, radio personality and entrepreneur has always been accused of being in it for the money, when it comes to his marriage with Somizi. Because he was a bit reserved and quite most of the time on Living the Dream with Somizi reality show, some people felt that Mohale wasn’t really into Somizi, but his finances.

When the couple was still together, they were all about the soft life. Somizi and Mohale traveled the world on epic baecations, and also explored some of the most beautiful vacation places around the country. Sadly, their marriage was short lived, and judging by what they say about each other online, it is evident that they are also not in good terms.

Of late, Mohale has been opening up, becoming more present on social media, and living life to the fullest as a single man. He just flew to Kigali, Rwanda where he stated he will be working from for the next couple of days. As it is the norm with celebrities, Mohale posted about the trip and shared a few pictures on social media. One tweep immediately dragged Mohale saying, back then Somizi made his fly in private lanes.

Unleashing a mother of all clap backs, Mohale said, “He was my husband, wasn’t he? Who was he supposed to fly? You?

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