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Clement Maosa Gives Back To Less Privileged School Kids

Clement Maosa Gives Back To Less Privileged School Kids. There is truth in the saying that ‘Blessed is the hand that gives.’ This though doesn’t necessarily mean people give so they receive something, they give simply because they see the need to, and mostly because they have good hearts.

So many of our celebrities always go all out to help the needy. One of those is Clement Maosa through his foundation, Bakgethwa which was launched in 2020. Through the foundation, the talented actor, TV personality, musician, entrepreneur and philanthropists aims at fighting for quality education for every child. Clement constantly visits schools, where he reaffirm those learners that doubt themselves because of difficult circumstances.

He recently donated school shoes and sanitary towels to students with the help of other organizations such as Hollywood Foundation, Imbumba Foundation and Caring4Girls Foundation. Clement did this to keep the kids at school and restore their confidence and dignity. He also stated that he is driven by being able to to make a difference in another person’s life.

Knowing that I’ve made a difference in someone’s life is what inspire me to keep doing what I do, restoring their dignity and confidence to continue schooling and not stress about grownups problem like affording things.
Many thanks to my partners @hwfoundation @imbumbafoundation @caring4girls @bakgethwafoundation Thanks team,”
Clement said.

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