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“I’m Back in Therapy”, Zoleka Mandela Opens About Her Recent Battle with Depression

“I’m Back in Therapy”, Zoleka Mandela Opens About Her Recent Battle with Depression. Although there are many ways to deal with depressions, the reality is that it cannot be cured permanently. Depression also has a high risk of recurrence. A lot of individuals who’ve experienced one episode of depression have one or more depressive episodes. Individuals who’ve had at least two episodes may have at least one more depressive episode.

The condition affects all people, the young and the old as well as the rich and the poor. A number of our celebrities have in the past opened about depression and mental health illnesses they have experienced. Among them are Penny Lebyane, Bonnie Mbuli, Lalla Hirayama, K Naomi and so many others. They use their personal experiences tor try and help out those going through the same thing.
Another personality who is quite public about her battle with depression is Zoleka Mandela. The author and motivational speaker has gone through so much in her life. Zoleka has lost two of her children, lost both her iconic grandparents, and most recently lost her mother Zindzi Mandela. She has also battled cancer, and has had another battle with drugs and alcohol. All of this and more was enough to drive her into depression.
As the champion she is, Zoleka has managed to turn her life around and be a happy persons. She is a great mother to her kids, and recently showed off her new lover on social media. However, there will always be things that trigger depression, and Zoleka recently went through such. With Zoleka it was her recent speaking engagement, that made her go back to depression and anxiety. She is now back in therapy and is on antidepressants.

“02.09.2021. I’ve come undone. My recent speaking engagement triggered my depression and anxiety. It’s left me feeling absolutely worthless, so sad and demotivated. I’ve cried for days, spent so many sleepless ones doubting my own abilities. It sucks. I’m back in therapy with my Addiction Counsellor and on my antidepressants and sleeping pills prescribed by my Psychiatrist. I just want to feel normal again without the emotional heaviness of failure. Today’s a whole lot easier, I’m feeling lighter now and in a lot of ways, although I find anything involving basic human interaction still too overwhelming and extremely difficult but I know it’s simply a response to my depressed state and automatic need to isolate, socially withdraw, cutting off all communication with the world. I just need some time … to be left alone for now. I suck,”  Zoleka said.

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