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Watch! Phuti Khomo’s Man Surprises Her With Two Trucks As A Birthday Present

Watch! Phuti Khomo’s Man Surprises Her With Two Trucks As A Birthday Present. Talk about a thoughtful gift! When it comes to birthday gifts, Phuti Khomo, always gets the best gifts. In 2020 for her 36th birthday, Khomo received 36 vases of roses.

This year her loved one, went bigger and much better for her birthday. The former Miss Teen South Africa , actress and media personalty’s partner made sure her 37th birthday would be one Khomo will remember for the rest of her life. She was blindfolded by her sister Jacquie, who drove to a secret location. Upon searching the destination, Jacquie took off the blindfold but at first, Khomo was still unsure what the present was. Jacquie then called her sister’s partner to bring the gift forward and a big truck approached with red balloons sticking out. 

Taking to Instagram, the overjoyed Khomo spoke about how she has long wanted a truck. She kept on mentioning it to her husband, who simply replied that maybe one day God will bless her. Indeed Khomo has been blessed, as her man made sure for her birthday she gets not one, but two trucks.

My Birthday Surprise
And then there were 2!!! I LOVE MY MAN. I appreciate him to the ends of the earth! Really, truly. To have someone love you enough to support you in every way, including your DREAMS is very rare. I honestly never thought that he would actually do it🙆🏾‍♀️ He knew I needed another truck, and I kept on asking for one of his, to which he kept saying “maybe God will bless you one day”😂😂little did I know that God was already working in my favor as I was asking. God, I’m always touched by your grace🙌🏽 I am eternally grateful, and will always speak on your miracles in my life, like this one🙏🏾
,” Phuti said in appreciation.

Phuti also thanked her sister, Jacquie for being her part on planning the surprise.

Thank you to my sister @jacquiekhomo for organizing this surprise😘❤️nana I love your drama and creativity, cause you know my baby, doesn’t have an imaginative bone in his body😝🙈😂.
Again, thank you to all who came together to make this surprise possible, including my work staff🙏🏾 you guys really didn’t have to do this on your off day, so I appreciate you giving your time to make my gift memorable.
Thank you Baby, you genuinely have my best interest at heart, I love you for that, you have my heart❤️ completely
,” Phuti added.

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