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10 Interesting Facts About Skeem Saam’s Putla Sehlapelo (Alfred Magongwa)

10 Interesting Facts About Skeem Saam’s Putla Sehlapelo (Alfred Magongwa). He has been in the industry for more than 15 years, and is still relevant to date. This is because, Putla Sehlapelo is good at what he does, and is also dedicated to his work. Sehlapelo is currently on SABC1 hit drama, Skeem Saam playing Alfred Magongwa, a man many would love to hate.

Skeem Saam, pride itself in having the best veterans as well as always casting talented upcoming actors. Learn more about one of their veteran actors, Sehlapelo, from the 10 facts below.

1. Putla Sehlapelo who was born 51 years ago comes from a christian family of five children.

2. After matriculating, Putla proceeded to study drama at University of Pretoria where he graduated with a Bachelors degree.

3. Putla made his acting debut in 2003, playing the role of Spike on Generations. This year, (2021) marks 18 years since he has been in the industry.

4. Following that, Putla bagged a role on the SABC1 mini-series Death of a Queen, which aired as part of the channel’s “Shakespeare in Mzansi” strand in 2008.

5. One of his major roles was playing Tiro Lebone, the BEE millionaire who has everything but the love of his life, in the soap opera The Wild, from 2011-2012.

6. The massively talented, Putla has also appeared in shows like Noah’s Ark in 2008 and the thriller series ‘Thola’ in 2014 among other shows.

7. Among all his roles, he is best known for playing, is Alfred Magongwa on Skeem Saam. A deputy principal at Turf High, who would do anything to get ahead in life.

8. He and Shoki Mmola (Celia Magongwa), are a power couple onscreen and would stop at nothing to get what they want. But in reality, they are friends who love working with each other.

9. The two played husband and wife on ‘Death of a Queen’, 10 years ago. Shoki played the evil Grace Lerothrodi, the wife of king Maloro, who was played by Putla. That’s when their friendship really grew.

10. On a personal note, Putla is happily married to his wife, Neo Sehlapelo and the couple has been blessed with three beautiful children.

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