10 Signs You Need A Change In Career

10 Signs You Need A Change In Career. There’s a difference between changing jobs and changing careers. Changing jobs is moving to a similar position with a different employer. Whereas Changing careers is more involved and usually means moving to a completely different type of position or to a different industry.

1. Your Health Is Suffering

Often your body will tell you first when you need to switch jobs. Stress can wreak utter havoc on the body, through bad eating habits, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks. If you’re losing vitality and sleep at a job, or if you have tension headaches, achiness, and fatigue, it’s time to listen to what your body is telling you. Find a way out.

2. You Could Do Better

You’re sure that your talents and abilities could really make a difference somewhere, but they are wasted here. Don’t be too scared to go for your dream career. Chances are, that’s where your passion and creativity lie and where you’ll actually enjoy going to work each week

3. You’re Only There For The Money

Having enough money to live on and to be content is very important. But earning lots of money in a job that sacrifices your own happiness is not worth the pay-off. Having a career where you feel like you are following your calling and that brings personal and professional satisfaction beats all that money hands down.

4. You Dream Of a Different Career

If you’re spending your time sitting at your desk, twirling your hair around your finger, Googling jobs, bookmarking interesting companies in your browser and wondering wistfully what it might be like to work from your bed or a friend’s co-working space, then you need to get out of your job and into a career that interests you.

5. Your Weekends Are Always Too Short

Everybody’s weekends are too short. But yours are really fraught. You get to the office on Monday and by that same afternoon, you’re counting down the hours until Friday. Then you spend most of your weekend dreading Monday morning. Even Sunday is a waste because you’re so miserable thinking about going back to work.

6. You Lack Enthusiasm

No one expects to be fascinated at work all day everyday. We all have days when we lack the energy and enthusiasm to be at the top of our game. But this should not be everyday. We may find one particular task an annoyance, but when we find our whole job boring then it’s time for a change. Depleting energy levels can also be a sign that something’s not right and your work variables need a shake-up.

7. You Lack Passion

You feel disconnected from the original reason you started out in your career. Perhaps the creativity that originally enticed you is no longer a part of your job and you spend more time managing accounts or sitting in meetings than creating anything of substance. Getting back to the fundamental reasons why you started out in that career can help you when thinking about changing.

8. You’re Jealous of Friends’ Jobs

Feelings of jealousy towards the jobs, careers or work cultures of friends or family can be a key directional signal that you want to be doing something else, somewhere else. Rather than dismissing jealousy as a bad thing, try to analyze why you might feel that way. Try to be as honest with yourself as you can: it can be a very practical way of pinpointing exactly where you want to be going with your own career.

9. You’re Not Growing

You may be functioning perfectly well at your job but you lack the desire to bring forward new ideas to your boss or instigate innovation at your company. Perhaps your suggestions have been ignored before or straight-out rejected. Perhaps you work for a company that would rather you just did what you are paid to do rather than suggested improvements in the product or culture. With this kind of management style it’s difficult to stay motivated.

10. Your Friends Don’t Recognize You Anymore

When close friends or family are noticing a marked difference in your attitude or behaviour, that you’re constantly stressed, unhappy and complaining, this can be a sign that your career is not working out for you. If the people closest to you can see that your job is taking it’s toll on you and not making you happy, it’s time to take stock and start thinking about the person they used to know and how you can get back to being that person.

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