10 Social Blunders That Will Cost You Your Dream Job

Social media platforms are used for constant communication amongst people. Nowadays a large number of people spent hours online for various reasons. Internet has made life convenient for everyone.

As fun as it may be to be online and posting whatever comes into mind, it is wise to be cautious of what you put up online. One single photo or text you posted online can cost you your job and can completely kill your career long before it even escalates. Employers don’t just employ anyone,they look into backgrounds & online reputations, that’s another way they’re be able to judge if one is suitable to represent their company and can conduct the job well enough.

Here are 10 social blunders that might cost you your job.

1.Posting unsuitable material or using inappropriate language.

2.Posting things that can be perceived as illegal or discriminatory.

3.Saying something negative against a current or former employer. Remember that anyone has the ability to see what you post online, posting something negative about your former or current employer might have a negative impact on your career, in the future really few people might be open to hiring you.

4.Talking about getting ahead or climbing the co-operate ladder. Your employer could easily think you making assumptions about your future plans and that the title matters to you than working hard in a current position. It might make them feel you undermine your job.

5.Lying about your qualification or experience. Credibility matters, lying to get ahead might ruin everything for you.

6.Posting in anger. Take a deep breath and express your anger by throwing punches in a pillow other than taking it online, that will give an employer an idea that you can’t deal with emotions right.

7.Leaving your photos blank or leaving your profile incomplete on professional sites such as LinkedIn.

8.Constantly sloppy with language and spelling, you’ll be assumed to be a poor communicator.

9.Whining about how your work is putting much pressure on you and how hectic is.

10.Bragging too much about your success and continuously self-promoting yourself, that’ll give an employer an idea that you not a team player and that you inclined to take credit for anything.

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