10 Kids Who Became Millionaires before the Age of 20

Not everyone has the inventive bug and for a lot of people it’s a couple of decades until you become a millionaire, but for these kids they achieved success and fat bank accounts at early stages. They are wrecking in millions of dollars and seems to be getting wealthier as the technology evolves.

1. Mark Zuckerberg $33.3b
Zuckerberg was the founder of Facebook which he started while at Harvard. He became a billionaire at the age of 23 which means he had a couple of millions before the age of 20. Now in the top 10 world’s richest, not bad for someone who started a website where people post all their dirty laundry.


2. Andrew Gower $250m
Now 36, Andrew was a millionaire before turning 20 when he found Jagex Studios which helped develop the massively popular game “RuneScape.” He started when he was seven and now is one of the top 50 richest entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.


3. Justin Bieber $200m
Justin Bieber started out as a YouTube star before being picked up by Usher. He has had sold out concerts worldwide and have had movies made about his upbringing. Although he hasn’t enjoyed too much success in recent years than when he started, Bieber has enough money in the bank for his entire life.


4. David and Cathrine Cook $100m
David and Cathrine are the founders of My Yearbook, a site for meeting up new people. Their older brother invested a quarter million dollars into starting the site which turned into a nine figure empire. The site is now called MeetMe and has over 100million users.

5. John Koon $80m
Koon made his money by starting a company that imports accessories for cars from Asia into America known as Extreme Performance Motorsports. He became the main supplier for the MTV hit show, “Pimp My Ride”. John also launched a fashion line with rapper Young Jeezy.


6. Sean Belnick $42m
Belnick created a site like EBay, but for trading cards called e-tail shop. He started with only $600 to his name. After the success of e-tail, Sean started a similar website called BizChair which deals with furniture instead of cards.


7. Nick D’Aloisio $30m
Now 19 Nick started computer programming when he was 12. He got his millions when he sold his first app to Yahoo! which condenses text from news articles into more readable versions. Thanks to Nick, articles can be automatically be reduced to 1000 words, fill just one page or fit a tweet.


8. Gary Martin $20m
Gary started his own nightclub at the age of 15 in Ireland which became a massive success. He was smart enough to move to bigger real estate ventures when he was 17, at 18 he was worth $20m.


9. Mike McDonald $12m
Mike was worth $5m on his 20th birthday. He earned his money by playing poker. He also became the youngest to win an event in the history of European Poker Tour and has went as high to be ranked 5th poker player in the world.



10. James Murray Wells $10m
Well started Glass Direct, an online store for purchasing eyeglass wear whilst in college and his net worth has continued to grow as more people are buying glasses online.



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