Top 17 Things Not To Say On A First Date

First Date

The smallest mistake or silliest thing that you say on your first date can have the biggest impact on where your relationship with that person will go. Here are the top 17 things you shouldn’t say on a first date:

1. You look EXACTLY like my dad!
So you’re looking for a man that looks exactly like your dad are you? No one wants to hear how much they remind you of your dad all day everyday.

2. So I want to order the steak but I’m broke – are you planning on paying for this dinner?
Always budget to pay for half of the bill, coming to a date and expecting for the other person to pay for the whole bill just doesn’t make sense. Budget for the generic meal you are used to and know that you can afford.

3. My ex-boyfriend has that shirt!!
Who wants to hear about what your ex has and what your ex used to do all day? I mean there’s a reason you’re on a date with someone else and not your ex at the moment.

4. I’m on my period…
uhmmm ohk so what must happen now?

5. What’s your last name again?
You’re out on a date with someone and you don’t even know their last name? What do you know about them?

6. I’m bored.
The date should just end right there and then…if the conversation with the person on the phone doesn’t go well and you get bored, what do you expect to happen on  a date with them? Avoid setting up a date in general.

7. Can you tell I’m wearing a lot of makeup?
Why would you say that?

8. So this one time when I thought I was pregnant…
Why are we discussing pregnancy scares on a date.  He probably hasn’t even hit it yet and you discussing pregnancy already?

9. I think you hooked up with my friend once.
yeah sure, let’s talk about everything your friend told you about what the person used to do when they were in  a relationship and how you expect the same events to take place in this relationship why don’t we?

10. Can you drop me off by 10?  I want to go out after this.
you’re setting a time limit for your date? Great, so you didn’t plan on staying long did you? Then why are you here?

11. Can I take this call really quickly?
you shouldn’t have the time to be engaging with other people while you’re on a date.  You’re there to be learning about each other and engaging in each others interested etc. make it seem like you really are interested in the person and what is happening.

12. If this doesn’t work can we still be friends?
oh so you already know that it’s not going to work out, is that why you’re already asking to be friends?

13. So I put our names into an online love calculator and…
how old are we again? Why are you still looking at compatibility charts, no one wants to date someone that’s still stuck in their primary school habits.

14. What’s your shoe size? Just wanna know what I’m working with.
why do you want to know how big the guy’s tommy is on a date? Is that all you’re interested in? The sexual pleasure you will be or won’t be getting later on?

15. I’m just gonna say it: I love you…
you just entered the friendzone, I mean you even skipped the application phase. First dates are not for deep emotional talks.

16. I still talk to my ex-boyfriend a couple times a week, but we’re totally done.
you even mentioning him on a date says quite a lot about your relation with them being “totally done”.

17. Am I doing OK?
that just implies that you haven’t really been yourself the whole evening…no one wants to be with someone that pretends to be something they’re not just to be accepted in the relationship. It means that eventually they’ll be falling in love with fake you and not the real you.

Mbali Ntuli

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