Why are so many of us smartphone gaming in 2021?

Whether you’re on a morning commute to work after landing a new job or you’re on a long coach journey to an obscure part of the country, you will undoubtedly see a fellow passenger turning to a smartphone game to keep themselves entertained. In fact, globally, smartphone gaming is one of the most popular go-to entertainment options for people. 

The rise of smartphone gaming has been impossible to ignore, too, especially in today’s advanced world where sophisticated modern-day mobile phone devices can handle a wide variety of games. For some, gaming on a miniature handheld device will simply never suffice. Some gamers find the smaller screen a hassle, the minuscule controls an annoyance, and the all-around gaming experience to be nowhere near that of a newly-released PlayStation 5 console, for example. For other gamers, though, the opportunity to tuck into a massive selection of smartphone releases is regularly exploited. Below is a look at some of the key reasons as to why.

Convenient, on-the-go gaming  

A huge reason behind the surge in popularity of smartphone gaming has to be down to the convenience it provides. As we’ve touched on already, people can sample a comprehensive selection of releases within seconds and from practically anywhere too. Some games require an internet connection, while others don’t after being installed. On the whole, though, mobile games are designed to picked up and put down throughout the day. Games developers in the space don’t tend to release hugely detailed, time-consuming products as smartphone gamers prefer a more casual gaming experience. For example, console games typically require a lot of time and dedication in order to make some serious headway and progress through what usually is a hugely detailed release. 

Not everyone has the time or even the desire to allocate long hours to a particular console release, though, therefore making smartphone gaming and its generally less detailed offering hugely appealing. There is something for everyone in this particular space too, with titles like Candy Crush Saga and Coin Master pulling in big numbers on the continent at the moment. Slot games, like Microgaming’s Book of Oz release, are extremely popular also and provide gamers with the opportunity to win real money while immersing themselves in a magical world. Likewise, puzzle games and brain teasers have always had a fanbase, particularly with elderly gamers who perhaps wouldn’t go anywhere near a console device. As such, smartphone gaming has won over people who wouldn’t usually game, once again highlighting its overall impact. 

 Console games now available 

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Another contributory factor behind the popularity of smartphone gaming is largely credited to the overall improvements made in our smartphone devices. With such advancements has come an upgraded all-around gaming experience, with developers able to produce more detailed and graphically advanced releases in the process, thanks to the powerful mobile phones of today. As a result of this, games like Call of Duty: Mobile, Mario Kart Tour and Minecraft have made a successful transition over to smartphone devices. Likewise, we’re even seeing augmented reality games gripping certain countries, with Pokemon Go enabling gamers to explore the outside world as they hunt down Pokemon in order to fill up their Pokédex. On top of this, we see the increased production of additional accessories, too, with smartphone gamers turning to VR headsets and joysticks to improve certain releases. 

It’s affordable 

Above all else, though, mobile gaming’s success has to be down to its affordability. Console gaming isn’t affordable for all, that’s for sure. Smartphone gaming, on the other hand, is mainly free or comes with the odd in-app purchase. 

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