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Vuyo Dabula Unpacks What It Takes to Become a Man

Vuyo Dabula Unpacks What It Takes to Become a Man. Some people think by virtue of you being born a male automatically makes you a real man. Some think having multiple partners, abundant wealth or great physic defines manhood. It takes a lot for one to carry the tittle very well.

At this point, you might be asking yourself, what then does it take to be a man! Vuyo Dabula was asked this difficult question by one young man. The talented actor admits that at first, he didn’t know how to answer, looking at the fact that he hasn’t always had it together himself. He also receives compliments from young men who see him as their role model, even though he has his own shortcomings.

“A young dude once asked me “how do I become a man” I did not really know what to say to him, mainly because I had my own insecurities, a lot have in-boxed me though-out the years with the same question or a compliment “I wanna be like you” … little do they know I would think secretly…but I have learnt that my notions of manhood where just rooted in inherited ideas and not the truth,” Vuyo said.

Vuyo then went on to unpack what it really takes for one to be man. From combat sport he has learnt that even men break and cry, they also have fear, have doubts, get embarrassed, and face rejection among many other things. He encouraged young men out there to embrace such emotion without shame, as it doesn’t take away their masculinity. Vuyo also dropped pearls of wisdom when he emphasized that brains will always beat the strong.

I know that we just mimic what we see, masculinity is based on glib social ideas…. combat sports has shown me something a lot more contrary to what we hold holy and right … we break and we cry, we fear, we doubt,we lose much,we are embarrassed and exhausted,rejection torments,we are the least, at times we just can’t anymore, we have tried everything but can’t seem to scale the wall… what makes us men is what we do regardless…so feel,fear, love!!! cry bitterly if needs be, respect, be compassionate be gentle…be a truth teller to yourself when no one is watching… “the strong will beat the weak, but the brains will always beat the strong” “I looked in his eyes and I saw god” what if knowing god is hidden in humanity,” he concluded.

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