Gaming trends in South African Online Casinos

Gambling is growing more popular all over the world, also in South Africa. If you decide to play, make sure you play at a safe online casino. Read casino reviews, check gambling licenses and compare bonus requirements. The easiest way to do this is to make use of online casino comparison websites like winvio casino South Africa.

With intriguing new games entering online betting sites across South Africa, we take a look at our top Trending Live Casino Games and explain why we are becoming more addicted to them. It turns out that there is a theme revolving around our curated selection of Live Games by Evolution Gaming. They are all re-emerging classics that we have all heard and loved. These games are really popular, but simply add more multipliers if you want to improve on these well-known casino classics.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette improves on regular Roulette with multiplier bonuses and a lot of electric excitement. Furthermore, this intriguing twist on the popular casino game follows the same rules as the original game, but incorporates randomly generated bonuses for even more opportunities to win big. Before the wheel spins in each game round, lightning strikes up to five numbers, generating a multiplier bonus ranging from 60x to 600x.

The game then proceeds as usual, with bets placed on numbers, even, odd, colours, thirds, and so on. On top of that, if the ball stops at any of the lightning-struck numbers you have bet on, you win a quantity equal to your bet multiplied by the applicable multiplier.

Monopoly Live

The casino, based on the world famous Monopoly board-game, is a spectacular live-hosted game show that blends fun, nostalgia, and a money wheel that likes to pay big. Monopoly Live is exhilarating, to say the least, thanks to personable hosts and vivid 3D-bonus rounds.

Place your bets on the number you believe the money wheel will stop on before your host spins it for a magnificent prize. You can also gamble on 4 and 8 rolls to take advantage of bonus rounds with random multipliers and quick cash prizes. Furthermore, Chance Cards in the main and bonus rounds provide additional possibilities to win.

Speed Baccarat

If you are all business when it comes to betting, Speed Baccarat takes an already fast-paced game and pushes it up to 11. You can play twice as many hands in the same period of time with shorter rounds. Cards are dealt face-up to speed things up, and the time it takes to place bets and announce results is also substantially shorter.

Your betting possibilities remain the same, with the addition of side bets with payouts as high as 300/1. Live Baccarat allows you to play roughly 150 hands in an hour. This is ideal for those who want to maximize their betting options and excitement in their sessions.

Super Sic Bo

Super Sic Bo is a reimagining of the old classic dice game you know and love, with the addition of random multipliers in each round. Who wouldn’t want more opportunities to score big? To win, players must accurately estimate the rolls of three regular dice, just like in traditional Sic Bo. We enjoy Super Sic Bo because it has a lot more betting possibilities than similar games like Dice Bet-games.

To mention a few, these are odd, even, doubles, triples, tiny, big, and totals. Best of all, in this enhanced version of the game, random multipliers ranging from 1 to 2000x. They applied between 1 and 7 bet positions in each round. If you place your winning wager on a spot with a multiplier, your payoff will be considerably greater.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time has quickly become a new favourite money wheel game. In addition, this wild fun game is in a busy and bright studio with live enthusiastic presenters who are keen for you to win. Moreover, what we like best about this live game is the top slot, which is spun before each round’s main wheel.

With this in mind, this exciting feature allows you to enter one of four rewards rounds with multipliers of up to 35,000x. Once the main wheel starts spinning, the rules for these types of live casino games are rather simple. Not to mention that your bet is increased by the number on which the flapper stops.

In Conclusion

We have come to the end of our list of the top trending online casinos in South Africa. The above-mentioned games are becoming increasingly popular.

When online casinos first appeared in the mid-1990s, players had two distinct options. First, play at traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. Secondly, play online. However, because of innovative technologies and a desire to combine the two possibilities, a third option, Live Casinos, has emerged over the years. With this in mind, South Africans are increasingly turning to online casinos with live dealers.

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