Remote careers you can immediately apply for during lockdown

We are now living in unprecedented times where the world is fast changing and affecting the way we conduct our day to day activities. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been in and out of lockdown enumerable times, and the trend looks to continue. The economy has been so hard hit that many people have lost their jobs and are unable to fully support themselves and family as their source of income was cut. 

The effects of Covid-19 are world-over; it’s not just South Africa that is suffering the job losses. Companies are cutting down on expenses and looking for unconventional ways to keep afloat. Most are turning to technology. A lot of machinery, electronic systems and mobile applications are being used to get things done. Where human contact is still necessary, outsourcing has been the answer. It’s cheaper to have work done by someone outside of your organisation than having a permanent employee. This is the rising trend now and South Africa is on the bandwagon too. As we’ve come to know it, remote work is available to both skilled and unskilled workers. 

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Now if you’ve been looking for a job that you can work from home, we have a few suggestions for you. Because you will be working for real companies that still need professionalism and organisation, it would be good for you to set up an office where you’ll work from without much disturbance. This week’s Makro Specials have all the equipment you’ll need to start your work-from-home journey. Here’s a simple list of what you’ll need and the cost:- Platinum 1200mm home desk R1 699- Bastille High-back chair R1 999- Lenovo 14” Ideapad slim 1AMD 3020e laptop R4 999

Should you need to print some stuff for your new job, Makro also has printers from R1 499. 

Let’s get into the details of the remote jobs.

Freelance writing. 

If you consider yourself to be someone who has a set skill in written communication, freelance writing is the way to go. Freelancers produce a written text as is needed by their clients. This job exposes writers to penning down ideas for magazines, websites, blogs, etc. You can write stories, press releases, medical guides, travel brochures; the list is endless. Writing skills can take you wherever a narration is required. This occupation does not limit your communication capabilities; if anything, it helps to improve them. Try signing up with Fiver, Upwork or Mintor. 

Travel Agent 

Travel agents are basically coordinators. They help in making flight arrangements, booking hotels, and giving advice about favourable vacation destinations.  If you are extrovert and friendly, this is a good path for you. You will need to add a phone and a reliable internet connection to our home office list above. 

Travel agents usually work for large agencies that need people in different time zones to cater for clients in various parts of the world. As an agent, you will also advocate for clients should something go wrong on a trip, for example, lost luggage. So make sure to apply for this type of job if you know you can handle stressful situations. 

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Online teacher 

If you have a teaching gift, extend it online. Because schools are closed, you can host online lessons via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or even Whatsapp. Using these video chat applications and other teaching software, you could make a decent living. The online system is flexible enough for you to conduct one-on-one lessons or group lectures. Design a small flyer and start by sending it to people with kids in the age group you are qualified for. Once you start with those few, your repertoire will grow the business for you. 

You can also explore teaching English and other languages online. English is a prerequisite for migrating to countries like Canada, UK and Australia, and so many people need lessons. 

Graphic designing 

If you consider yourself a creative person and good with computer design, graphic designing could be an option. This occupation allows you to use computer applications and traditional art mediums to create a visual representation of ideas.  As a graphic designer you can create logos, layouts and visual adverts for different organisations. Think of all the people you know with small businesses that are yet to have a company logo or letterheads. Some may need some graphics for their social media pages. Start with those. Because the business might take time to grow, doing some work for your friends would be a good start to build a portfolio you can then use as you expand. It’s a rewarding career that will eventually bring in a good income. 

The list is not exhaustive. There are so many opportunities out there, do your research and find the job that suits you.

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