Emergence of Technology and its impact on SA youth

South Africa is a country with a predominantly youthful population as they account for an estimated one third of the nation’s population. As one of Africa’s most developed nations, South Africa holds a pride of place as a technology hub with a potential to develop to other nations on the continent.  South Africa is already one of the leading ICT markets in the continent and has taken giant strides in telecommunication, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, electronic banking, and mobile software development. In spite of its contributions to the South African economy, technology remains a developing and emerging sector with growth prospects. South Africa is such a significant entity with regards to technological development in Africa and stands its ground through innovations because it is more than just a country, it is a regional hub that can function as a supply base for other countries in the continent.

Technology and Social Development

A developing nation such as South Africa with a significant youthful population also comes with a myriad of developmental issues such as youth unemployment and a high crime rate. The evolution of technology among the youths can help create new jobs, raise standards of living and help curb the crime rate in the country. Engagement through technological innovations can benefit the youths of the nation greatly which can also spur them towards more innovative strides that can put the country on a sustained pedestal of growth and development. It is imperative to note that a high crime rate can restrict the investment prospect of a country and if much investment is placed on technological infrastructure in South Africa, the country would be better for it in the long run. As a country with a significant youthful population, technology boosts gambling and gaming prospects by providing advanced technology finding applications in gaming and online casinos. This can help facilitate more engagement among the youths and potentially boost the income from tourism pouring into the country.

Technology and its Role in National Development

Technology holds the key to the growth and transformation of South Africa as a nation. This is consequent upon the unique role it plays in wealth creation. Most of the developed nations also happen to be technologically advanced. This then clearly indicates the unique role of technology in national transformation. For instance, the availability of technological gadgets can improve communication and trade as well as improve cultural awareness and promote diversity all of which can promote the spate of national development. Technology has the potential to immediately uplift South Africa through a variety of channels which would be examined below.

Wealth creation is the first outlet through which technology can transform South Africa. A country with a significant youthful population must possess plentiful employment opportunities in order to keep the crime rate low. Technology can help provide new channels of wealth creation among the youths such that some of the unemployed youths can have ways of generating income and also contribute to the economy through the payment of tax.  For instance, jobs like digital marketing, software and app developers, social media managers, content creation, and freelancing are among the ways through which the youths can also generate income outside of the conventional white-collar jobs. Furthermore, technology can also help to boost the literacy level of South Africans. The more educated the citizens of the country are then the more growth and development is likely in the short and long run. Education prepares an individual to develop their mind and also put them in a position to maximize earning opportunities. Hence, technology can hasten the growth curve of South Africa and boost its rating among the comity of nations. Africa is mostly full of countries classified as third-world or developing nations. South Africa is among a few countries that truly holds the potential to become one of the biggest economies in the world. In order to achieve this goal, the technology industry must play a prominent role. We live in a digital age and the availability of new and emerging technology holds the key to transform the South African economy, improve the standards of living, and boost the economy. The government also must encourage innovation and creativity among the youths, if it truly wants to transform the economy of the nation. Technological development is a necessary step towards development and if this is entrenched in South Africa then the country is well and truly on the path towards sustainable development. 

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