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Bujy Bikwa Dragged For Having A Well Known Abuser On His Latest Podcast Episode

Bujy Bikwa Dragged For Having A Well Known Abuser On His Latest Podcast Episode.Bujy Bikwa has created this platform for the queer community to share their stories. Queer Way of Life, is a division of MacG’s Podcast and Chill network and by the look of things, it is about to take the podcast industry by storm.

Queer Way of Life, might be the new kid on the block, but their second episode has got people talking. The main topics that were discussed include, the clash between gays and lesbians, lesbian domestic violence, being used by heterosexual women, lesbian safety as well as putting it out there that masculine woman are still women.

One of the guests is was OBie Mavuso, who many regard as a well known abuser among the LGBTQI+ community. Mavuso, who is also a seasoned musician, spoke about the toxic marriage she shared with her ex wife and the ways in which she was abusive towards her ex wife in the marriage.

The alleged victim, Landa Willie, took to Twitter to share how broke she was at what was discussed on the show. She said she tried to commit suicide four years ago, because of what Obie out her through. She asked Bujy how she gave an outed abuser a chance to explain why she abused her. Willie also wondered how Obie keeps on getting away with abusing people.

Other tweeps also bashed Bujy for inviting Obie over and giving her platform as a perpetrator.

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