Why is Online Gambling so Popular with Young Adults in South Africa?

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. It’s become something of a phenomenon in recent times. A lot of this is down to the prevalence of high speed internet combined with more high quality gambling options. There’s no longer just a few options with a small selection of games and limited sportsbook choices. The market is full of high quality sites that offer hordes of fantastic gambling choices. Just because it’s there doesn’t explain why gambling online is so popular though. We’ve taken a look at why young adults within South Africa are getting more and more into online gambling in recent times. 

Lack of Alternatives

Online casinos specifically have become extremely popular in South Africa recently. There are two main reasons for this. The first is quite obvious. There aren’t a lot of land based casinos available to players in the region. With a lack of land based gambling choices it means that players are flocking to play at online sites. It’s made online casinos the only possible place to gamble for some players. With either no land based casinos available or a high cost making them inaccessible playing at an online site is a convenient alternative. 

As well as being extremely convenient, online casinos also have a much bigger choice on offer. Because there are no size limitations to an online casino there can be a much bigger selection of video slots to play. It also means that players don’t have to wait their turn if there is a game that they want to play. They can just load the title up and start playing, with no limitations on the number of players. The same applies to table games. The choice is vast and players have access to an almost unlimited number of tables. Even the live dealer titles have bigger capacities, so the more immersive games are offered to a big range of players. 

It’s not just online casinos that provide a convenient alternative. Online sportsbooks also provide an alternative to land based sportsbooks. The land based variants are also extremely rare across South Africa and the online choice makes it much easier for young adults to place sports bets whenever they want. 

Better Levels of Service

What both online casinos and online sportsbooks offer to players is a better level of service. As already mentioned, both are much more convenient to players. There’s also an increased range of choice available at both online casinos and online sportsbooks. It means that players in South Africa can enjoy much more from the comfort of their own homes than they can by leaving the house. 

Online casinos don’t just offer a larger selection of games to players. There are also other advantages that come from choosing this method to play. There are bonuses offered when playing at an online casino. This means that the player bankroll can be boosted much higher than what it would be set at normally. Players are able to get additional funds to play with or free spins on different video slots. It means that on the whole, there is a great selection of bonuses available. The different payment methods that can be used also provides some great choices for players. This extends not just to e-wallets, but to cryptocurrency as well. It means that online casino players are looked after to a much higher level than land based players. 

Online sportsbooks offer a similar story to players. While there are bonuses offered at these sites, land based sportsbooks do tend to offer bonuses too. Promotions such as acca boosts and specials can all be taken part in at both online and land based sportsbooks. However, there is an area where online sportsbooks shoot ahead. The betting choices. Online sportsbooks tend to have a much bigger selection of sports available as well as more markets. This makes it much easier to choose the bet that you want to make and gives much more choice when creating accumulators. 

Online sportsbooks also offer two other aspects that make them significantly more useful. Players are able to place live bets and there is a cash out feature available as well. The live bet feature means that once a game has started players can place a bet on the game as it unfolds. This obviously offers a much bigger selection of betting options and makes it much easier to get value from bets. A good example of this would be if a favourite went a goal down in a football match early in the game. It would mean the odds on the favourite to win would lengthen and provide better value to players. 

The cash out feature means that players are able to cash out bets early. This means that bets that are in a losing position can provide some of the stake back so it’s not a complete loss. It also allows players to make a profit on a bet that hasn’t come in yet but is in a winning position. If they are worried that the bet will end up losing a cash out will allow them to grab a portion of their total profit without having to go through to the end of the game and risk the position changing.

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