5 Reasons to Explain Mobile Betting’s steep rise in South Africa

Over recent times, online sports betting, with mobile betting in particular, has taken South Africa by storm. In this article, some of the factors that may contribute to this betting boom will be considered, as well as unpacked and explained. 

South Africans Love Sport 

South Africans love sport. Plain and simple. There’s absolutely no denying that our nation is one that is driven by sport.

Certain events such as the Springboks winning the Rugby World Cup, South Africa hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and South African athletes winning on the world stage throws our country into disarray with supporters roaming the streets to show their love and passion for the superstars that have flown our rainbow flag high. 

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s sports, there’s betting. It is estimated that one in ten South Africans engage in gambling activities, and from these gamblers, an average of R150 per month is spent on some type of gambling activity. This is a statistic that is bound to rise through the Covid 19 pandemic. 

A love of sport is a massive contributor to a rise in betting, but does it account for a rise in mobile betting? The simple answer is yes, there would be no increase in mobile betting if there was no increase in the practice of betting itself. The next factor will point out why betting on mobile is on the up. 

Access to smartphones 

Possibly the biggest driving force behind the on and on rise of mobile betting in South Africa is the fact that more and more people are able to get their hands on smartphones.

 Smartphones are quite simply more easily accessible compared to other devices such as laptops and tablets, and oftentimes serve the same purpose when used for entertainment.

 This is simply due to the fact that smartphones are cheaper, and can be accessed via subscription based contracts, making the upfront cost of these devices lessen dramatically. 

The big difference is, you can be entertained wherever you are when you’re on your smartphone, you don’t need to be seated behind a computer or have both of your hands filled with a tablet. 

It is estimated that between 20 to 22 million South Africans have access to a smartphone, and it is further estimated that nearly 32 million South Africans access the internet through their mobile devices. Pretty staggering statistics if you can consider how many people have access to mobile betting. 

Betting sites provision of great mobile websites

Part and parcel of the reason mobile betting is one the up is the fact that betting sites simply make it a pleasure to use their already optimised platforms when making the jump to mobile betting. 

While betting on a desktop will in most cases take first prize, not all South Africans are able to be at their desktops all the time, while some may not have access to a desktop at all. When it comes to betting however this is no longer a problem. 

These days each and every betting site is fitted with its very own mobile version. These may take the forms of betting apps, mobile betting websites, data free apps, and data free websites. The options to bet on mobile are absolutely endless, and considering you get a welcome bonus everytime you join a new betting site, the appeal is very much there. 

Mobile Betting’s convenience

This factor has already been touched on fairly lightly through this article, but to make it clear, mobile betting is simply more convenient than other of betting’s many forms.

 Betting shop requires you to get into your car and head on down to the brick and mortar setting, desktop betting requires you to firstly have a desktop device, and secondly requires you to be seated in a setting that supports the use of such a device, but mobile betting can be done absolutely anywhere. 

Whether you’re on your way to work in the morning, or standing in the queue at PicknPay, you’re able to login and see what’s going on on a particular betting site. 

South Africa’s youthful population

South Africa is a young nation, not only based on its age as a republic, but also based on the average age of its people. It is estimated the median age of South African people is 26 years, strikingly young when you consider the population reaches almost 60 million people.

But how does this relate to mobile betting’s rise you may ask? Quite simply, younger individuals have a higher tendency to embrace technology, and youth tend to use mobile phones more than people who are older. 

Furthermore, younger individuals are more likely to involve themselves in risk taking behaviour, such as online sports betting. When done responsibly, online betting can not only generate some supplementary income, but its main purpose is to generate fun. The risk is where the fun lies. 

There are hundreds of reasons that could explain the growth in mobile betting, but the key factors associated with this growth are South Africans’ love of sport, smartphone accessibility, mobile betting sites’ sophistication, convenience, and lastly, South Africa’s youthful population. 

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