The Growth in Revenue of the South African Betting Industry

How South Africa's Sports Betting Revenue Increases Year Over Year

Gambling is an industry that is seeing a rapid increase in popularity and availability across the globe. More countries are seeing that there is the potential for a great amount of revenue to be generated. This revenue has come in the form of taxes, which has helped many governments to fund programs and decrease budget deficits. It has truly provided a windfall of revenue for many of these countries.

It has been a winner for the gambling industry in general. They have seen an increase in revenue as well. This is not just because of the increase in the number of land-based casinos that have been built, but is also because of a number of other factors, including the online casino.

Making a Winner No Matter Where You Are

The online casino has been one of the biggest revenue producers for the casino industry. The reason behind this is quite simple – availability. For most people, they would have to drive to or visit an area that had a land-based casino to be able to use the facility. This limited the potential player pool greatly.

This is no longer an issue because of the availability of online casinos. Now players not only have the opportunity to play their favorite casino style game or bet on a sporting event, but they are given the opportunity to reap the benefits of the competition that is available. If one compared in, they would find that the best South African bookmakers provide a secure, user-friendly website with several perks included.

These perks have been a great tool to encourage players to use these sites. That is helping to greatly increase the revenue in South Africa.

A Responsible Industry

Before diving too deeply into the numbers, it is important to understand that this is an industry that has taken steps to try to combat problem gambling. To many, the gambling industry is a heartless group who could care less about the harm that they bring. That is not the case at all.

Casino operators recognize that gambling can quickly become a major issue, destroying lives. While they are in business to earn money, none of these operators want to see people lose their jobs, their homes, or their families. They want happy and emotionally healthy customers, and have worked with government leaders and advocacy groups to ensure that people can be protected from themselves. They recognize that sometimes people do need to be protected from themselves.

Seeing a Rapid Rise

While the pandemic has hurt the gambling and casino industry greatly, there is no denying that South Africa was seeing a significant increase in revenue prior to the Covid-19 virus. People were using facilities in ever-increasing numbers, even turning to online gambling as their preferred option.

In fact, this pandemic has been a bit of a blessing for online casino operators in South Africa. While bingo halls, Landon-based casinos, and other traditional venues were closed, online casinos were seeing record numbers of players. With high-speed Internet being available throughout the country, it was not surprising that many saw the value in playing online.

In response, these websites upped their game. They improved the user experience by redesigning their platform to be more user-friendly and more appealing. They added games and worked with game developers to make the playing time more enjoyable. They even worked with technological innovators to develop sites that used blockchain technology to improve cybersecurity.

All of this had the exact effect that operators were looking for. It led people to the sites, where they played an ever-increasing numbers. This led to a significant increase in overall revenue.

Mitigating the Losses

This virus could have been a destructive force to the betting industry. Many sports leagues were shut down, meaning no one was betting on the sports. After all, they did not have anything to place a wager upon. Casino doors were closed. Even industries related to casinos, such as resorts and hotels, were seeing a rapid decline in income as well.

The online casino became the savior of sorts. Most of these casinos were linked to an online option, allowing players to still be able to enjoy playing. In South Africa, this is exactly what happened.

From 2014 until 2019, revenues increased by 4.8% annually for casino operators. This was an industry that was blooming. They were attracting millions of tourists from across the globe, and residents of South Africa were enjoying playing as well. This was an industry that was dominating in South Africa, even dwarfing neighboring countries like Kenya and Nigeria by drawing in revenues that were 70 times what those nations were drawing.

When the pandemic hit, it was believed that this was going to be a crushing blow and it did appear that way at first. However, the effects of the virus have been mitigated through these online casinos. Now with major sports leagues back on the diamond, pitch, field, or rink once again, people are able to place bets once again. There is a feeling of renewed hope and it is expected that revenues will continue to increase as a result.

Does the Future Look as Bright?

What has analysts feeling positive about the future for this industry is the fact that even a global pandemic could not bring it down. While there is some concern that some land-based casinos may not be able to open operations again, most of this industry should still be solid once the pandemic has been controlled.

People have found an outlet that enable them to keep playing their favorite casino style games or to wager on major events. It is expected that once all the land-based casinos are able to become fully operational once again that customers will return in record numbers.

While online operators have been able to provide a comparable experience, users love the opportunity to go and play at their favorite casino. They love the atmosphere. They love the tension and excitement of playing a casino. Casino operators recognize this and have been doing more to enhance the experience, even offering such things as wine tasting rooms.

The truth is that things look bright for the industry. People love to play these games. This is something that operators understand and have been able to during the recent worldwide shut down. Now they are preparing for a new chapter. One where people return to play their favorite games once again.

Will all who visited the land-based casinos before return to these casinos once the all clear is given? That is an answer that only time will be able to provide. However, it will not be surprising to see the vast majority of people come back to the casinos. They love the experience, all the amenities, and the fantastic accommodations. 

What is most important for this industry is that even if people do not return to the facilities, they are still going to gamble online. The success is something that is here to stay, and is good news for the industry in general. For those wondering if casinos will continue to increase revenue, all that can be said is that you can bet on it

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